Riuh in the City (Feb 2018) and other rambles

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not only how sparse my blogging is, but also on how arbitrary it all seems. Pair my status as full-time mother, wife, daughter and small business owner with my aversion to baring one’s soul to the world – top that off with being ill for the past few weeks, and this blog is what has come out of the equation. Nevertheless today has been something short of a miracle. Health is at 90%, some vacuuming happened, and I had an uninterrupted shower. These are things that mothers are grateful for. And if this blog post gets posted at the length and candour that I would like, a mega Subhanallah is in the works.

Riuh in the City is happening right now and my parents are there with Atikah and the anak-anak buah. I tried looking up if the food there was halal but you know lah, Malaysia. No pork doesn’t mean halal, but some people think it does. I hate to be the zealot and press on, ‘But is your meat slaughtered the correct way?’. Or, is there gelatine used in your cakes? Who goes to markets and does that? Even asking, ‘Is your food halal?’ makes me all antsy and apologetic. But seriously, I just want to know. I’m not some crazy DNA testing loony. So I scan if they’re Muslim from their instagram profiles. It’s the only way. Nobody wants to get halal certificates, especially not Muslims. We’re like, hey look at me! OBVIOUSLY it’s halal. Yeah, right.

I didn’t use to go down to the nitty gritty of all this, especially with cakes and whatnot. Ironically going overseas made me more aware, and even funnier is how it’s actually easier to get halal food overseas. Well, food like breads and the like, because they emphasize on the whole vegetarian thing.

Anyhow time’s up. The kid is banging on the door (yes, I locked myself in) and the baby needs to be fed. Let’s talk again when we have some more mega Subhanallah days!

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