EcoKnights @ Publika (24/3/2018)

Visited Publika to eat at Sushi Q and lucky me, there was also a market there!

Eco Workshops @ PUBLIKA EcoMonth & MAPFEST 2018

Also, just let me rant about Sushi Q @ Publika – would not recommend to go there anymore. Was so disappointed with the service. Not sure if they changed management, but their kitchen started to close earlier and earlier (8pm?!) and their food quality has gone down.

Their sushi used to be fresh, but now it seems that the rice is hard, much like cheap supermarket sushi – it reminded me of the sushi I would sadly buy at Tesco in the UK because it was cheap but tasted like hmmmmm lol. Would not really have minded if their prices reflected this change in quality but it did not. I ordered teriyaki chicken with rice (RM10). Teriyaki chicken is supposed to be grilled with the sauce – but I could see in my bowl that the sauce was added in only after, because some of the chicken was just still clean white meat without any marinade. Not only was it too sweet, it also seemed like the chicken was just boiled or steamed beforehand and sauce added after. Not going to go back for a while!

Anyway, thanks. Glad to get that off my chest. Now let’s talk about the market.

After reading about my experience at Sushi Q, I hope you can now understand why the market cheered me up so much. There were so many interesting vendors and not only that – FREE WORKSHOPS!

The workshops were only free on that day, organised by EcoKnights . If not it would have been RM60 per person. There were 2 sessions, one at 1pm and one at 4pm. I joined in the 1pm class, a series named ‘Bedroom’.

We did two things – which I’ll show below 🙂

Exfoliating Coffee Scrub

If you find that your mixture is too runny, you can either add more coffee or brown sugar. Coffee helps with anti-aging, and brown sugar helps with exfoliation. Up to you to decide the ratio (what do you need more ah? hahah) Also, you can leave your mixture to dry (uncovered jar/bottle) for a few days if you still think it is too runny.

The final outcome! (yeah, mine was too runny.)

PS, they got their jars from for your info. If you’d like to stock up on them while you make these coffee scrubs 🙂

Open Terarrium

1. Add 1 measuring pot of river stones
2. Add a handful of moss. Squeeze it so it’s not too wet!
3. Add half a tablespoon of charcoal. This helps with the PH of the plant’s environment.
4. Add one measuring pot of soil
5. Here’s your plant! Loosen it out of it’s pot by squeezing the pot gently and placing it at an angle of 45 degrees so you may take it out. Give him a name! 🙂
6. Place your plant in the glass and add more soil. Decorate.
7. Cheers, you are done!

Spray with water around the glass to clean it!

Care instructions : Spray once a week, make sure all the soil gets wet 🙂 

There we go! Would like to thank EcoKnights again for the lovely time. Do support their fight to protect our planet!

Lots of love,

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