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If you are a vendor, you will be able to find help & tutorials in your Knowledgebase on your Vendor Dashboard.

Browsing for items

You are able to browse for items via the highlighted areas on the front page. You can also click here to see the available product categories.

Before you buy

It is not compulsory to create an account for purchasing items, but it is highly recommended to do so.  With an account, you will be able to

  • Track your order
  • Save your billing and shipping addresses
  • Add items to your favourites/wishlist
  • See your purchased downloads

To do that, click here. Be sure to read through the shop’s policies on the products’ pages to make sure you agree with them.

Contacting the seller

Visit the shop’s page to see their email address – you can contact them there, or through their phone numbers if they have provided it.

Making your order

Click ‘add to cart’ as shown in the image above.

Sometimes, buyers will create a product with options, for example

You must choose one before you are allowed to add the item to your cart.

Adding an item to your favourites

Click ‘ Add to wishlist ‘ on the shop page as shown in the image above. You can see a list of these items that you have saved by clicking on the heart at the top right of your page or by clicking here.

How do I make a custom order?

Please get in contact with the shop you are interested in – once you have discussed what you would like, the shop owner can either redirect you to one of their relevant listings for you to make your purchase, or create a custom listing just for you.


Going to your cart

To see your cart, see the image above or click here.

After going to your cart, you will see a review of your order and you can calculate your shipping costs for each seller’s item. At checkout, you will be asked to input your shipping and billing details, plus any additional notes/requests you want the seller to know.

Payment options

So far, we are only using Billplz, a secure payment gateway. For more information you can visit their website here.

Paypal functionality may be added in the future.

After checkout

Tracking your order

Of course you’ll want to keep updated with your order. You can do so here where you will see your orders listed out.

Once your order is shipped, you will see tracking info given by your seller (if applicable).

You will also be able to leave feedback about your vendor.

I have a problem with my order!

No worries. First of all, try contacting the shop you were dealing with – perhaps this can be resolved. Make sure you’ve studied the shop’s policies thoroughly before making your complaint. If this cannot be resolved, or the shop does not respond, please contact us here with your order details. We will do our best to resolve it with you and take action.

Help with your account

Changing your account details

You will be able to change your name, email address and password by clicking here.

Have any questions that weren’t addressed in our Help section, or do you want to suggest some? Contact us here.