Selling on Two Hens

Great for new and expanding handmade local businesses. Read about the features we have below.

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More info :

  • FREE SIGN UPS AND LISTINGS : You don’t have to pay to open your shop or to list your products! Totally free.
  • EASY PRODUCT MANAGEMENT : With our in-built product, order and promo manager, you don’t have to worry about manually receiving orders, contacting customers, or scheduling discounts and promotions. Simply log in to your vendor dashboard and see all the information you need to proceed with the order. Plus, you can update the order status from the manager as well.
  • TRAFFIC BOOST : Not only will customers across Malaysia be on Two Hens to look for specific handmade items, you will also receive marketing and support from us as well as Makers Malaysia. This means help to promote your arts and crafts as well as in setting up shop and dealing with customers.
  • PAGE STATS / REPORT : Ever wanted to track how your shop was doing? Our website will automatically prepare  a report for you to see your total sales and earnings, the coupons used, etc.
  • CUSTOMISABLE SHOP PAGE : Upload your very own shop logo and banner, as well as your description and any other info you would like to include.

Payment information :

  • Payments will be released within 3-4 working days.
  • Only 10% commission taken for each sale. This is used to pay for costs such as website upkeep, admin work, periodic discounts and promotions, as well as various plugins and functionalities of the website.

Becoming a vendor

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